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About Crafton Railroad

Crafton Railroad Company, Inc. was founded by current President Danny Crafton in 1997. His experience in the railroad industry covers over thirty years, dating back to 1967. Danny has focused his entire career on contracting. The company started with just one man and has since expanded its capabilities to include two full crews that provide nation-wide service. Crafton Railroad's customer based approach and focused attention allows personal maintenance and supervision of each individual contract. This focus on quality, customer, and cost efficiency has won Danny Crafton and his business hard-earned respect throughout the railroad industry.

Comprehensive safety and training program are required for all Crafton employees. Employees must undergo OSHA Safety Training Programs as well as Track Worker Safety Programs. Employees must pass a Fall Protection course to certify them for work on bridges and in other dangerous settings. Crafton Railroads keeps safety programs up to date in accordance with the National Railroad Contractors Association.